“We would like to thank all the people of Hillyard Dental Clinic for their personal and professional courtesy toward us. They are working with us through a lot of difficulties. These include making the right decisions as to the dental work to be done as well as financial ones. They work well with patients who are not exactly easy to work with !” ~ Harold & Janet G.

“I’ve had my dental work done at Hillyard Smilesl for over twenty years. Their professional team always makes me feel comfortable and I feel their services are of the highest quality.”  ~ Sharin D.

“Thanks once more for great dental care by Hillyard Dental. Our family’s good dental care from the Hillyard Dental clinic in the 1970s convinced us to return to Hillyard Dental in 1999 when we moved back to Spokane. Not only routine dental care but also unexpected cracked crowns, oral lesions, dental pain are cared for with efficiency and compassion. The comfort and cheer of the dental team as well as the pleasant decor are very much appreciated. I also notice the professional care provided to other patients who have limited or no dental insurance. I know that the professional dedication of the dental team includes contribution of dental services in the Spokane area community.” ~ Joanne M.

“I would like to thank the Hillyard Dental Clinic for making me feel so welcome. The staff members always have a smile and a cheery attitude. They have made my dental experiences not so frightening and I even look forward to going. The front receptionist has the biggest heart and is ready to do anything she can to make everyone that comes in welcome. I just love her friendliness. She goes out of her way to make sure you’re dental experience with them is a good one. Thank you for a wonderful experience.” ~ Christine C.

“Dentist Daniel Kunkel and the staff of the Hillyard Dental Clinic make the pain of the visits much less with excellent care and attention to every detail that were missed elsewhere.” ~ Robert A.

“I can honestly say that Dr. Kunkel and his staff have brought a smile to my face. Many years of neglect had left me with very severe dental problems. Dr. Kunkel helped me identify a plan for regaining not only my dental health but also my self-esteem and confidence. And through it all, Dr. Kunkel’s staff have been so kind, reassuring and supportive. Now, I smile and feel comfortable in social and professional situations. Thank you. In retrospect, I couldn’t have had a better experience.” ~ Matthew L.